Different people.. different paths.. Same destination

So many different types of people in this world. Though the destination for each one is the same (doesn't matter if they realise it now or in some next lifetime), the paths that takes them towards that destination are many!

Some path might be shorter, some might be longer.. some might be a short-cut, some might be a long-cut - But the goal of all these paths is to make you reach the same destination.

So what is important? Two things.

1) No matter what path you choose, just keep walking ahead. Don't go crazy on which path is a short-cut.. Choose any path that you like, that suits you. Don't like a path? Change it! Take a new path that gives you a happy journey. There is no time up, there is no deadline. Some day we all are going to reach the destination. Sooner or later, the journey will come to an end. Just ensure that its a happy journey, you have really enjoyed the travelling!

2) Let people walk their own path. There is no 1 path, and there is no right path. Just because we are walking on a particular path, it need not be the only path. There is no best path, there is no right path. Guide people if they are not sure, but don't impose on them. And when they choose their path, let them walk on it, irrespective if its not the same path that you have chosen. Interesting thing is, no matter how much you may guide someone in choosing a path, their inner voice will tell them which is the right path for them.

Also, The beauty of life is when a person gets lost, he/she returns and finds a way out - A new path. Nature does it for each and everyone.

Only a spiritual person will say that 'I don't know everything. There are infinite possibilities for everything. And that the supreme power is taking care of everyone!'

Love me just because you love me!

Love me not because you can get something from me,

Love me not because I can fulfill your expectations,

Love me not because you see something great in me,

Love me not because I make you happy,

Love me not because I listen to you,

Love me not because you enjoy my company,

Here I am... a common person... with nothing to give you, nothing to fulfill, nothing great about me, nothing to make you happy.

Will you still love me?

Love me not for any other reason. No reason is good enough.

If you love me... Love me just because you love me... Love me just because you love me..

Love me just because you love me!!

~ Yogendra Bhonsale (5/6/2014)

Don't hold on to your mind; it will fool you

This is a confusing, disappointing, a miserable place to live in, if you hold on to things that keep changing. 
The only way to maintain your sanity is to hold on to things that are unchanging. 
So, what is unchanging? How shall we determine the difference between changing and unchanging? 

Ask yourself this question: What is that which is always there, which still is, and which will be there forever? Space - God - Self - Guru - Love. 

There is absolutely no difference between all these. These are just different names of the same energy. If you wish to maintain your sanity, hold on to these!

Now, what is that which is changing?
Anything that is related to mind, intellect, memory, thoughts, words, ego, body, are all subject to change. Broadly speaking, all these are mind games; none of these is true. 

Let's start with expectations. You expect something from someone, and you don't expect certain things from someone. And when the person doesn't pass your expectations, you are disappointed. But before holding on to expectations, have you wondered, what it is?

Expectations is nothing but a set of concepts made by your mind. But life is not about concepts; it's all about living NOW! Concepts are nothing but complications created by the mind. Things should be in a particular way, is what concept/expectation is all about. But the mind in the first place is illusionary, it keeps changing! And expectations are created by the mind. Hold on to the mind and its illusionary creations, and you will be fooled, dissapointed and miserable.

What is past?
Mind signals the intellect to recover whatever has been stored in the memory. So, if the memory is removed, does the past exist? The present is ever present, irrespective if the memory remains or not. But the past is non-existent. Holding on to past (which is again a mind game), will only bring misery.

What is future? Mind projects an illusionary situation (most of the time a negative situation), and makes you believe that this is how things are likely to happen. But we tend to forget that the very law of nature is 'change'. Holding on to the future is of no use.

Thoughts, feelings, words and behavious
Every moment your thoughts change; you feel different. Thoughts and feelings are subject to change, so often. You like someone/something and the very next moment you feel different about that one/thing. Someone said something, holding onto those words is nothing but dwelling on the past. The person has already said it, its over! It's only your memory that keeps reminding you that something like this has happened. What is the use of holding onto thoughts, feelings, words or behaviour?

Body and Ego
This body is going to dissolve. Holding on to one's looks/physical presence is foolish.
Again, Ego is nothing but an illusionary separation. Anything that restricts you from connecting with others, anything that doesn't allow you to be your natural self (peace, love), that is ego. When you get back to your self, you realize that ego never existed. Body and ego - both are subject to change.

Hold on to your self, hold on to God, Hold on to the love - Hold on to these unchanging and you will never be fooled, you will never be disappointed. Hold on to your mind, and you will be fooled.

The choice is yours!

Rapes in India - What can we do to prevent it?

First of all, with a cool and calm mind, let's ask ourselves. Why a person turns into a rapist? There is something that takes over - The power of lust. Lust makes a person blind. He becomes so blind that he doesn't even think. Doesn't even care what could be the outcome of such an heinous crime. The only thing that goes on in his mind is, how can I quench the thirst of my lust.

People who are usually discontented with their life, dis-satisfied, unhappy (irrespective whether they are rich or poor), are most likely to be caught under the spell of lust. They don't have happiness in life and hence start looking for happiness in wrong places.

This way if you think, you will realize that the rapist is actually the victim! He is a puppet of lust. Only when the wicked act is done does he realize what did he do! And his life is ruined now. Few people don't feel anything (even after the crime). They are in a real sorry state. Completely trapped by lust.

So, what generally happens? There is a merry go round that happens. Have you observed? Someone rapes someone > We all are angry > we come on street and protest > victim is recovering in a hospital > rapists are arrested by police > Case goes ON and ON > In the mean while there is another rape that has happened!

How can we root out this crime from the very core?
Not many have thought about this. But in India, porn is available freely and effortlessly! One can easily go on the internet and download free porn. With smart phones becoming cheaper, majority of people can now afford smart phones. The downloading/viewing/sharing of such clips/movies have thus become very easy. Few might say - Is it wrong to watch porn?
Yes it is! If movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag can encourage you to run/participate in races, why can't porn movies influence/encourage you to make you do the act in real?!

Unfortunately, in India - watching or possessing pornographic materials is legal.
What can be done?
1) The least Indian Govt. can do is ban all the porn sites or sites that make porn available
If that can't be done, then atleast ban the Free Porn available.
If that can't be done, make 'watching porn' Illegal in India. Give the power to cyber police to take severe action who visit porn sites or download/upload porn.

2) Meditation: First thing one should learn is to have a command over one's mind. That is only possible with meditation. Becoming aware of one's emotions(positive and negative), realizing that true happiness can be found only within. A feeling of contentment can be realized only through meditation. A sense of satisfaction comes in. Sudarshan Kriya has proved to be useful too. Each and every person should be introduced to Meditation and Sudarshan Kriya.

What do I want to convey from this post:
I don't say that - Banning porn will completely stop rapes.
I say that - Banning porn will definitely act as a nail on the coffin to prevent rapes.

I don't say that - All rapists are the ones who have watched porn atleast once.
I do say that - somewhere it does encourage the porn watcher to do the act in real.

I don't say - we spare all the rapists, knowing that they are victims of lust.
I do say that - the strategy of merry go round is not working and we need to come up with solutions to prevent rapes than just show anger once the crime is committed.

I don't say that - Banning Porn is the only solution
I do say that - I invite suggestions from YOU to tackle this issue. What else can be done to prevent rapes in India? Have some ideas? PLEASE SHARE

I DO SAY THAT - If each and every person in India starts meditating, the crime rate can be brought down drastically!